Postcard From The Road # 2

We stayed an extra day in NH and did a lake cruise to try and beat the heat.

Two and half hours on Lake Winnipesaukee was a welcome relief ;-)


Postcard From The Road #1

Greetings from the road!

Had a great weekend on The Cape. In NH today - may stay one more day, otherwise it's on to Montreal.



A Garcia for Father's Day with a pocket for a pick or maybe even a blunt ;-)
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re: the butterfly shots

One of my favorite places to visit in Aruba is a small but very productive butterfly farm between Eagle Beach and Palm Beach. If you go it will cost you $13 US but the ticket is good for the length of your stay. I went on two separate days. The butterflies are the most active in the morning and less active in the evening. As for equipment used I try to keep things simple. All the shots were hand-held (no tripod) at anywhere between 400 - 1250 ISO and the lens was a 50-200mm F4 Pentax zoom on a K10D body. Noise was cleaned up in Photoshop w/minor brightness & contrast corrections as needed. If you want to know the names you can go here:

They have a nice photo gallery with the names. Without a doubt the one that impressed me the most was the Atlas.

Thanks for all the questions - really!


Aruba 2007

Click on the picture to see the collection in larger format.
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Welcome to the "poppimatny" blog. My Picasa and DotPhoto sites will be cross linked to one another by way of this blog and others that I have in the works. The first 2 posts are linked to one of my Picasa sites where I have uploaded a collection of images from our vacation to Aruba last month.