In and around the hood


Downtown NYC is where I work and spend the bulk of my days but Astoria/LIC is where I live. Aside from the rich ethnic tapestry of this place there are some pretty amazing places in this part of Western Queens and a major part of the reason I like living here. Interspersed among my "city" shots there are always a few "neighborhood" shots generally captured on the way in or back from work. I will be dropping those shots into this collection as well as some other weekend rambles that don't necessarily fit in on some of the other plog themes.

Stop in now and then ...

The first two are recent shots of a neighbor's front yard that I grabbed on my way to work in the morning - it is one of my favorite front yards on the block.

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Anonymous said...

How cool!
Remember the photo you took of our house last year? It's hanging on our wall - we love it.
Thank you for being our neighbourhood's photographer, documenting and eternalizing the sights of our lives.