"Nostalgia-Holiday Train"

In celebration of the holiday season, the MTA of NYC linked up some vintage cars from their museum and ran them on the 6 Avenue V line between the Queens Plaza and Lower East Side 2 Av stations every Sunday in December last year. On 12/30/07 one of my neighbors and I joined a bunch of train buffs on the 10:45 out of Queens for a fun trip back down memory lane. Below is my collection of the images captured that morning in a dotPhoto slide show:


Anonymous said...

Cool. Old trains are so much nicer looking than todays...
Fancy photo presentation!


Anonymous said...

I just sent this to some of my old NY friends. I rode these trains when I was a child w/my mother coming off the SI ferry. I loved the feel of the posts and wondered if I would ever be tall enough to reach the hangers.

When I did, I was working in NYC. The last time I rode one, as I said in my comment on JPGMAG.com, it was August and the heaters were on. I was with a friend, and I had to stand because I was afraid the nylons would melt on my legs because the heat blew from under the seat.

Great fun.

I just loved the rattan seats.

This is such a fun entry - how do I subscribe to your blog?